Covid Slows U.S. Economic Recovery, Drama on Wall Street - February 1, 2021

The U.S. BEA reported on Thursday that Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which is the largest measure of economic output, expanded at a 4.0% annualized pace in the fourth quarter, down from Q3’s record 33.4% gain.

The graphic below highlights the steep decline in GDP in the first and second quarter and the subsequent rebound. GDP has recovered 76% of its decline through Q4.

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An Economic Report Card - January 27, 2020

On Thursday, the U.S. BEA will release fourth quarter Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the broadest measure of the value of goods and services.

  • Economists surveyed by Econoday estimate 4.1% annualized growth.
  • The Atlanta Fed’s GDPNow model tracks growth at 7.5%.
  • Q3 came in at a record 33.4%.

Estimates are subject to change.

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Interest Rates Tick Higher - January 25, 2021

Interest rates are very low for safe, interest-bearing investments, and savers have found the environment to be challenging. Let’s review Figure 1. Two things stand out.

First, yields have been in a long-term downward trend. Second, rates have inched up from the bottom. Still, the 10-year Treasury does not sport an attractive yield.

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Intentionality and Your Retirement - January 20, 2021

Did you know—

  • Almost half of all Americans do not have a 401k account.
  • Two-thirds do not have an IRA (Individual Retirement Account).
  • One-quarter of Americans have no retirement savings.

Source: Federal Reserve Report on the Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households in 2018

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Covid Crimps Retail Sales - January 19, 2021

New daily Covid cases spiked higher in the fall and have remained elevated, according to data from Johns Hopkins. At over 200,000 per day, cases are roughly triple the modest spike we experienced last summer. 

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